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Default Re: Rounded (Cupped) Kanzashi Flowers HELP

Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
I have seen some of this style flower that were soooo BEAUTIFUL posted here and I have searched for the instructions for MONTHS...even though I think they probably have been posted somewhere (or maybe a link for them). OK I finally found instructions...I know how to fold the square of fabric to make the petal so it cups YIPPEEE. And it took me about an hour to make 2 flowers to put on a pair of flip flops. I need HELP putting these things together...I know I must be doing something wrong when I string the petals on my thread and "try" to make them look like a flower. My directions say I can either pin or take a few stitches to hold them together till I get all my petals completed for the flower. I pinned the first ones (7 petals for each flower)...then cut off the excess at the bottom and started stringing them to make the flower...but what a mess I ended up with...It was difficult to get them to actually come together to look like a flower. If I pulled it tight they would not lay flat and the petals would not open up. If I left them looser they wouldn't really stay like a flower and the thread showed inbetween them and they were really flimsy and floppy. It seemed like each petal needed to be stitched to each other rather than like beads and strung together, but the directions didn't say to do that. Can someone tell me how you do it PLEASE. I LOVE these flowers and want to make more. Actually I want to use the gazillion squares of fabric I have already cut but I am about to pull my hair out. It should not take over an hour to "try" to make one flower...I still don't have my 3rd flower done and even though I put the other two on the flip flops they are not my best work. I hope all my gibber jabber makes some kind of sense and someone can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

HI, I found too that if you use a spray starch on your squares after you cut them and let them dry, it holds the fold better and looks nicer. If you cut the bottom off closer to your string threaded on the petals too, it is easier to form into a flower. I cut my squares for my petals about 2 3/4 inches-3 inches and use about 8 petals on the flower. That seems to be a good amount to form a cute flower. I'm attaching a picture of one of mine.
Also, here's a link to another flower with a slightly different fold.
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