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Default Prices...need to up them, I think??!?!

I only sell online right now. I need to up my prices, I think. Can you ladies help me with retail pricing?!?! Here are the ones that I am questioning...

2" Itty Bitty Korkers - I have these at $1.50 and I know I need to up them. They are a good seller - probably my best seller. I do a ton of M2M Gymbo so I sometimes buy graphics and print my own ribbon like these Litle Goldfish.

I make these in various sizes. I charge $5.00 or $9.50 a set.

I do these for $1.50.

Also, how much would you charge for a small/itty bitty twisted bow on a clip with no spikes, stacks, etc? I am thinking of offering them in a 1.75-2" made with 5/8 or 7/8....maybe a bigger one too around 3". I don't have a pic except it would be the same as the inside of the Sister bows.

I really appreciate any opinions and thoughts. If you think my prices are good then tell me. If you think I need to up, then help me figure out what to charge. I am so Oh, I tie and sew all of my bows. Thanks!!
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