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Default Re: I wrote a new tutorial :)

Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
I just bought the Blessing Bow tutorial.

I'm considering getting the boutique bow tut, if I get the TNT templates will this work with the templates? I can pretty much make one boutique bow, still need work on them though, but my huge problem is making two matching same size bows.

I have the TNT templates and I do love them. I have used them for a LONG time. I have always had problems with the boutique bow which is why I got Allisons tut on that one. I dont use my template at all with Allisons tutorial. No need for it anymore with the way Allisons tut teaches you the fold. It is so easy and SO quick. Mine all come out the same size. You will not regret getting Allisons tut. You can PM me if you have any questions. I would be happy to help. This bow used to give me such frustration. I can do it now without any problems so I know the feeling.
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