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Default Re: Rounded Petal Ribbon flower tutorial

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I'm beginning to see what people are talking about with this forum! I am the one that wrote that I had gotten this tut on here for free. I had NO intentions of causing drama!!! It was a simple statement. I think if there is something for free people should know. As with lots of other tuts, the paid ones seem to be much better. I am one that usually looks at the free one and then decides to buy one because I need more explanation or it just seems to be better. And then there are times that the free one is just fine. It seems like you have done rather well with selling your tut even with people knowing that they can get it for free. You should have chosen your words better when making that statement. They were a little harsh, I think. Maybe it wasn't for me, maybe someone else said something to you. But I am the one that made the post on here about getting it for free and being addicted to making them. Again, no intentions of drama. Everyone should just let each person decide for themselves.
I do not know what statement you are talking about. Im just making sure that people know that there is another tutorial available but that I DID NOT KNOW about it!
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