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Default Re: how to attach bling sliders to flip flops

Hmmm. Because of the way the crown is made (2 bars on the back in a "V" shape, it would be hard to put a bow in them. I think it would virtually impossible to change a bow out. A 7/8 inch ribbon is used to make those.

Honestly, when I started my flip flop line, I was a bow girl and still like for a few of the styles. However, I have come to prefer no bow most of the time. I always prefer the crown without a bow (even when we could do it - long time ago with a different bar configuration). The crown is busy enough without a bow. In my opinion, the bow detracts from the look.

Originally Posted by stitchograms View Post
I'm very interested in making these flip flops. I make the flip flops with the ribbon with a bow on top. I have seen these flip flops and called and asked some questions. The girl that sold them said the bow on the flip flop can be change out so that your not stuck with one ribbon. Can you tell me what size ribbon is used? and how to make the bow. is the bow glued? I'm going to order the buckles from you. I'm needing this information ASAP. Thanks
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