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Default Rounded Petal Ribbon flower tutorial

People are going to start drama bc apparently there is a similar tutorial on this is NOT made the same way, and I never knew about the tutorial posted on here..and i have searched and searched for a tutorial for this flower, I came up this method on my own as Ive stated before and had no knowledge of the other tutorial. I do not care what you choose to do..use the free one and write on your ribbon or use the one I made..doesnt matter to me! :-) I did not post this to cheat anyone out of money.

Since January of this year I have been searching for a rounded ribbon flower tutorial, and could not find anything that even gave me a clue how to make them...I knew they were made of large ribbon, and thats it. I saw pictures of 2handyhagsboutiques ribbon flowers and it reminded me that I needed to try again, I asked if she used 1.5 inch ribbon and she let me know that she did..and she said good luck! LOL!! I had dreams about how to make this flower (literally) last night, and this morning I woke up and decided to give it another try--and I DID IT!! Ive never been more proud of myself!! haha! I actually came up with something and learned how to make it ON MY OWN! I had no ideas, no hints or Im going to share it with you!!

This is a ribbon flower tutorial. There are 12 pages with over 20 pictures, and clear insturctions to show you step by step how to make them....everything you need to make these flowers, you already have at home! They take me about 6-7 min to complete one, and I cant beleive its taken me this long to figure it out,bc its super easy! The tutorial will be $3.40 (includes paypal fees, cost is $3 w/o fees). I have it in PDF format and also a word file...all you have to do is post your email (or PM me with your email) I will invoice you and i will send you whichever file you want. Please specify in your request which file you want. This is my first tutorial, but it is very clear and detailed. Enjoy!!!



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