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Default Re: How do you handle...

The first craft show I did I had one tutu out as an example, I had like four older women come and pick it apart to see how it was made. I was like, seriously? Maybe I should make a tut and sell it haha. No pictures though!

I really do need to kick it into high gear with my website. I had an etsy that went inactive because of no sales I guess, so I was going to try an actual site now but right now I'm working on stuff for a craft show. It seems my bow related to do list is never ending! I really thought it'd be easy in the beginning, too. I was thinking about it, that girl better be prepared to drop some serious cash. I never realized how much I spent on this stuff until I added it up for taxes I didn't show hubby the total to say the least!

And Dede, love it! Funny thing is, don't have to practice some of those with a straight face because they're true
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