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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

I dont know the the rules of online sales and this is the reason why I dont do them. Too many people concerned over something that doesnt pertain to them. Do you know Ebay has a whole community devoted just to copyright infringement? I would say thats a good thing if they are closing down just the shops that only copy whats popular on TV just to make profit and have no real craft talent besides tracing and brushing some paint in the lines, but they go as far as to pick someone out that makes 1 thing in their shop that has a picture of a mouse and call it infringing on Disney and get them closed. I have just about decided to stick to shows and outdoor sales because of this. Im glad I never invested the money for a site. Once I heard these crazy stories, I took most of my things off Etsy also. I praise you guys who have the patience to deal with being called out for things as crazy as this. Maybe one day I will do the online thing but I dont know.
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