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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

Here is were they get ya. Disney has a trademark inserted on basically ever item under the sun. If you look at the long list of products that you can't use under the trademark it is basically states everything including tatoos and things. Scary.

Etsy is classic for violating their own co. laws. If you read their c terms it states that a company must send them via mail or fax the actual document before they will pull the item. Since the company is sending the actual document to them they should be noticed that EVERYONE that carries this product is in violation. What they try to state is that they don't see everyone which is horse poop and that you must state who the people are. I would assume that is taken to court over this it would be easy to prove that they are profiting from Disney, Hello Kitty and everything else because they are collecting fees off ever item sold. while I think it is a personal choice and I don't care I think it is crap for some people to get their stores closed while others are showcased on the front page with that same item.
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