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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

Originally Posted by TheMonkeyBoutiqueq View Post
I wondered about this myself, I purchased some images a montho ago or so. I didn't read the terms of use before purchasing, that was my first mistake. But when I received the PDF file in the body of the email it said :
You may use these for small commercial use with some restrictions.

Use covered under the terms of use:

Complete pieces of jewelry
Scrabook Pages

Uses NOT Permitted:

Bottle Caps for re-sale
Scrabble Tiles for re-sale
collages (printed or digital)

So if I wanted to detash my finished caps I couldn't.
Cant legally be forced not to resell unless she has a copyright or trademark on ALL of the images. Take a look at any website and read the law, and that is what it will tell you. Just saying something doesnt make it true or enforceable sadly.
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