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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

This is a great site for researching what you can and cannot do.

As far as Tabberone goes she has a lot of useful info on her site but some of it is just a gray area in the actual law. I have never read the actual settlement agreement that she had regarding the fabric so who knows what it really states. I get a big laugh out of her Etsy section on the maids of misinformation. So true!

Original bottlecaps do not fall into this catagory as they are not a how to they are someones art.

I see people on Etsy trying to sell license rights to their patterns that you can basically buy anywhere. A knot dress is really a knot dress. Most of these people have no idea that a lawsuit would be costly and really just not worth it. You might be able to claim some damage if Walmart sells it but not a small crafter.

Just so everyone know they are trying to pass legislation to make designers own their patterns and dresses and things. Good luck.
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