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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

Originally Posted by aarnold2002 View Post
That's crazy!!

I've been meaning to look this up for awhile...I looked into purchasing some crochet patterns (before I decided to make my own) and the person's site that I was looking at states that you must purchase a cottage license to sell goods made with those patterns, and I saw people really were! I was wondering if that was legal (knowing the whole backstory behind "copyrighting" tutus/color combos/etc)...but I've been working *way* too much to look any further into it! I had heard before that you must change a pattern 10% or something to that effect (that was the rumor anyway), but have never flat out seen where it's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

OP, thanks again!!
Thats crazy!
Originally Posted by yocelita View Post
no problem I glad I can help!
aarnold2002- I think we were looking at the same stuff, and I thought "no way, there is not way this is legal". In the article it even seems to point that the instructions of how to make something cannot be copyrighted either. Not like I would go and sell something that someone so carefully wrote down (that will not be honest), but I thought it was interesting.
Yeah, it would be awful to sell someones manual or pattern but I dont understand telling someone they cant sell what they make from a pattern. If you dont want it reproduced, dont put it out there. I can understand if you have a label like Chanel or Gucci but they dont sell patterns of their purses. If you sell a pattern, what do you expect people are going to do with it? What they have done for years... And thanks! This was helpful!
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