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Default How do you handle...

customers who ask where you get stuff or tell you they are going to start making and selling this stuff as well?

A woman made an order through my mom today then announced she is going to start up. The only things that bother me about it are that she wouldn't have thought about it had she not seen me doing this, and we live in a VERY small town. There are SO many crafts to make and sell out there and she picks this one. Really? I had another woman ask me where I got my flowers because I "inspired" her to make her own. I told her I get them in bulk and mentioned hobby lobby. Sigh.

The first lady also told my mom how there is information and people to help her learn how to do these things all over the internet I wonder if she'll show up here? haha

ETA: I was also wondering how far ahead you book shows? Now that there is competition I'm thinking I need to do it ASAP?
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