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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

Originally Posted by aarnold2002 View Post
I agree!! I've been meaning to look this up...thanks for doing it for me!!
I know! Its very helpful! I had someone get mad because I had made something from a free tutorial a while back and actually kept making it when requested. It became kind of popular. Long story short, the tut owner emailed me and said "I have specific rules for noone to make things for resale from this free tut." How she knew was because I commented on her blog that I loved it and was going to give it a try and I guess she visits everyones blog that post comments. {Weird} Ok, fine, No big deal. I made some changes in the way mine looked and sold that. Wasnt good enough for her. Who cares? I no longer post pics online and barely post to my blog, etsy or anything else for this reason. To many internet moniters out there. Seriously, How do they have time to live life and patrol the internet too?{I dont have that kind of time} And I was also thinking once something is sold or an item is made from a pattern or tut, that finished item cant be owned, copyrighted, trademarked, or whatever word you want to give it, by someone else if that makes sense. Im going to read that article again and do a little research because I would love to know the actual rules to this one.
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