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Default Re: 1st attempt @ Allison's Bow

Originally Posted by matteell View Post
Yes I got a paypal notice and also a notice from her shop which i think is automated, but nothing else and that was around 7:30pm. I thought it might send the tutorials automatically, but maybe not, and I see she is not online now.. she probley left for vacation for a week or two..haha
awwww that is sweet are you making them for going away gifts??? u will be busy... must show pictures when you get down with the quilts and pillows..
Oh no, don't say that! I bet she'll be back on some time tonight.

The quilts will be "going" gifts as my toddlers will be moving up to the two year old room, but I get my babies one more year I really love be creative/crafty especially for little ones. Since I started teaching my boys have been so relieved that I have others to make things for My oldest actually commented about that a few nights ago while I was sewing. He mentioned something about how it was a good thing that "we don't have to find room to store all those blankies in our house", he's only 9 Anyway, yes I am planning on taking pictures this year. Last year I completely forgot to take my camera with me and didn't get a single picture of the last day of school This year I will be prepared! I hope
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