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Default Re: 1st attempt @ Allison's Bow

Originally Posted by matteell View Post
hmmmm.. i looked in my junk mail, and there was an email stating I signed up and another one that comfirmed my order, but nothing else!!!!!! This figures it always happens to me, especially when I want it now...ha

So lets see now how many bows have you made???? ha
Oh no! Did you pay through paypal? If so, did you get a notice that you said that you sent payment? I'm so sorry

I actually haven't made anymore. I'm finishing up some quilts for my little toddlers(6) (I teach preschool 3 mornings a week) they're last day with me is on Monday. I'm also working on some floor pillows for my infants(4), their last day with me is on Wednesday. So no more bows for me until Wednesday night.
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