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Default Help! Need "dummy" directions for SIMPLE bows

I started nosing around this board awhile ago, joined when I had reliable internet the other week (or maybe before internet was reliable) and I'm having a hard time finding directions for smaller simpler bows. I did do a mini korker for dd that turned out very cute, and using tape I can line the alligator clips really well, but I'd like to start on some simple bows.

Dd is 20mo (though a very small 20 monther) with just enough hair her small bows don't look ridiculous on her (this child was bald forever). She even likes bows in her hair now--kind of!

Anyways, the mini korker was cute, but needs to be worn on top of her head, in the middle. I'd like to do some small bows for clipping her bangs back (yes, enough to finally clip!), preferably a four looper or something beyond the way I tie my shoes, for lack of better way to say it. I'm frustrated with Target's lack of choices in their little clips, so I'd love to do my own (and I'm definitely addicted to the mini korker!).

Can someone direct me to either written or video instructions online? They have to be out there!

Thanks so much!
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