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Default Re: BBM - testing a coupon on zibbet!

ok here's the scoop:

- We are waiting for Classic Templates.

- The coupon is for Zibbet only. I have relisted the Ultimate Kits on Zibbet and with the notation that the Classic kits will ship separately in 2-3 weeks.

- Free shipping is for the first 2 people who make a purchase and use the coupon on Zibbet to test out the coupon feature. In the notes please reference the address in paypal and the zibbet ID that you are using so I can match up ID's.

- If you want the surrounds with just the twisted or classic template, please order from You can get them individually or 1/2 price with one of the larger kits.

If you need help just ask. If I've confused you more, I'm sorry! I can't order from myself to test it out. But I'm just trying to test out some of the features on Zibbet.

Thank you!!
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