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Default Re: Gem-tac question

I work for Beacon Adhesives, the makers of Gem Tac. I asked our resident glue expert, Mike the Beacon Glue Guy, if he had any words of advice on Gem Tac application. Here is what he said:

"Gem Tac was developed over 50 years ago, specifically to bond non-porous to porous surfaces. It is used in the Disney Costume Department, as well as on the set of Dancing with the Stars, and in the Olympics.

As far as using Fabri Tac for rhinestones, I would advise against it. The Fabri Tac will actually eat into acrylic and plastic stones. Gem Tac is your best bet.

Here are some Gem Tac tips: Make sure your stone backs are clean. Apply a dot of glue onto the back of the rhinestone, and drop it into place. Gently position the stone-don't press so much that the adhesive oozes out and seeps through. Gem Tac dries quickly. It should be ready for washing after 24 hours."

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, you can always email Mike at [email protected]

Thanks for using Gem Tac!

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