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Default Question regarding stacked bow

Okay, so I hope this makes sense!

I've made a couple of stacked bows and my problem is that when I'm gluing the alligator clip to the bow it doesn't lay flat on the bow because the bow is bending at an angle, imagine a canoe shape.

I've compared my stacked bows to a few I've bought on line in the past and those seem to lie (lay?) a bit flatter? Is it okay that mine have this shape? I'm making them for a friend so I don't want to send her bows that will look lay funny on her daughter's head.

Also, how can I make a stacked bow not look so thick/bulky? Should I press down when glueing? Or is that just part of a stacked bow it's going to look thicker. Just wondering because my friend who wants me to make her some asked if I could make them not so thick. I've never made her any yet, I guess she's bought some that look to thick.
thanks for any help
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