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Default A couple of questions

I was wondering if someone could tell me, for the flip flops with the foam straps, what's the best glue for ribbon? I wasn't sure if hot glue would work better than bottled, and if bottled works better what type, ie one for foam or something for mixed media?

Also, I have been looking for a tutorial for the tutu bows/fairy fluffs/tutu poufs (I've seen multiple names for them, maybe that's why I can't find a tut), free or paid, I will be happy with either one!

And to round it out, does anyone have tutorials or tips on pet/grooming bows? I've watched some videos on youtube and most of them are very helpful (not made at all like I expected!), but then I saw a website that did the tailored style bow for dog bows and was wondering how that works, they look like they are sewn in some pics but it's very hard to tell because every single bow is embellished.

the website is

I'm just starting out, as you can probably tell! I'm sure I will end up asking a lot of questions, and hope someday I can start to help others, although I can always give opinions as a potential customer! lol
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