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Default Re: Finally, the flip flop glue solution!

I'm also curious how to use these. Do I put them in my regular size glue gun? On average how many shoes will one stick be enough for?

Originally Posted by luvvbows View Post
This is the 1st glue that I absolutely cannot pry off. My husband thinks I am nuts, but with the other glues (including E600) I would try to pull off the ribbon as hard as I could. If the ribbon budged, then I was not satisfied. I figured if I could pry it off, then it wil lnot withstand kid use. So with the Shoe Goo, I cannot even get my fingers under the ribbon whatsoever. No I have not had the glue on long, but compared to everything else I have used, it does the trick.

As for the glue sticks..those sound awesome! I checked out your site though and they look like regular glue sticks? How are these different than the hot glue sticks I buy at Michheals? Thanks!!
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