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Default Re: How to make these bows?

It is funny how this day and age we can read so much in the tone of a post or email. I know I do this at my day job. I understood the sentiment but maybe it was not worded correctly.

I so appreciate all of the information that I get on this forum. There is a "masters degree" in custom creations on this site alone. I am definitly a new member but I can say.. I buy tutorials, then buy more tutorials, buy templates, then buy more templates, read blogs, watch youtube and I still am a newbie.

Yes it is in how you ask. I suppose there are many people here that would never purchase a "lopsided bow', there are many that would not even recognize a "lopsided bow"...

Buy supplies, buy more supplies, buy from group buys, buy from more group buys.. Diversify and research and work.. that will lead to some success???? Or will it.

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