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Default Re: How to make these bows?

The first two are twisted bows. The last is a pinwheel.
I think you will find it isn't quite so simple as one might think to make a good quality bow. It takes alot of practice and the cost of supplies add up quickly.
Most of the girls here do have a business selling bows so things like "I think it's a ripoff to pay for them when SO many people know how and are usually happy to share. =) " don't typically go over very well. Most of us have done more research and practice than imaginable to be able to do what we do. This takes alot of work and is how I feed my kids. I have fair prices and don't feel at all like I rip anyone off. My time is as valuble as someone who works at any company and I have to make the money back on the thousands spent in supplies.
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