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Question few questions

Question number 1
Are these smiple bows popular for you ladys??
How big are these bows??

Question 2
How much ribbon do you put in pony o's? how much do you sell them for?

Question 3
how much do you ladys sell you toggle headbands for? my woven headbands are 3$

Question 4
How Popular are just simple 7/8in ribbon twister/boutique bows?
Whats the most popular size??

Question 5
On these layered boutique bows how do you get the layer closes to the knot to be straight? I find that when i tie the knot around the whole bow that last layer dont stay straight and kinda folds/curls in to the knot. Pictures below to show what i mean

Question 6
What do you find is more popular single layered boutique bows are double layered?? Where there is that second boutique twister bow on the bottom of the whole bow??

Question 7
What do you ladys find is popular for tweens and teens??

Question 8
what is your most popular size for korkers??
Do you sell alot of the itty bitty ones? I find them funny looking but just wondering if they are popular

Sorry so many questions trying to get a idea of what sizes are popular for my upcoming huge show in augs

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