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Default Re: Embroidery Machine Opinion PLEASE!

I highly reccomend the Janome 350E. I first bought the 200E. I HATED IT! It is not set up very well, and is not very user friendly. So I traded it on a 350E and it has been amazing so far. It is very versitile and easy to use! They are a little costly, but completely worth the extra money. My husband's Nana has one of the Brother Disney machines, and hers is pretty good as well. It does have a larger screen and more designs and fonts that came with the machine, but hers is one of the super expensive ones that can be a sewing machine or embroidery machine. Brother's are ususally a little cheaper for their machines, however I find that hers has to go visit the shop far more often than mine does. Actually, other than routine matenence mine has never been to the shop. Her's on the other hand, has been several times.

In my opinion, the Janome brand is much better, but more expensive. I think your best option would be those mentioned above. Find a dealer and let them find the best machine for what you're wanting to do and your budget! Happy Embroidering!
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