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Default Re: should I say something???

Got to say you should go and read my thread in the general business section from yesterday. This is how mine started out as well. Her old business had the word cute in it and a phrase that someone made on my FB page.

My advice to you is to ignore it and hide your page from her. It would seem like contacting a crazy copycat person will only make her copy you more as you can see from my post. Since me contacting this person regarding my copied pants she has now copied everything that I have. This person will do it out of spite. Best to think you don't care. People like this are obviously so filled with envy that they must be like you. It must be a sad and very pathetic life for them. As you can see I never mentioned this persons name in the thread at all and there she was front and center. Sorry to say but this person IS following you around all over the place. I fanned your page and your bows are really cute.

My other advice to you is that FB pictures and date stamps don't lie!! It is interesting when some people try to deny logic by saying you have not done something that pretty much is in black and white with a date stamp on it. It will clearly show that you did it first. In my book those who do these things should have it done right back to them, although you can see it just made her do it more. By the way don't be shocked when everything you sell she will sell for half the price because that will happen as well. Sorry it sucks and I am in the same boat.
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