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Default Re: Will take photos for your product!

Why would you be bothered if she asked for a picture of what you make? I am always proud to show off what I do. If she is spending her time and resources to photograph your items, it is only normal for her to inquire about what you will be sending her. Apparently your reply to her was so mean and upsetting that it really shook her up. Ummmm, not nice and very uneccessary!
BeyondStitches-she said your things were FAB!!!

Originally Posted by Xtralinda View Post
I'm glad you guys are having a better experience than I did.
I did send her a message and basically she told me to send her a picture of my products and depending on the product, she will take pictures or not... Maybe, she already has sooooooooo many hairbows, etc, etc.
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