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Default Re: Made My First Korker...Question

Originally Posted by mikenandrea View Post
oh.. and I also spray them after I wrap them with my thread.. I dont sew mine..
Ok...I haven't heard of wet starch, or is this something I make? Like I said, I JUST started today, got the directions on line and then found this forum. I LOVE yours, it is adorable! How long do you cut them? And what is a rotary cutter, I am just using plain scissors. I took a picture of the 2 I have made so far and will be posting as soon as they upload to my computer. Thanks for the help too!

All I have been doing is wrapping them as tight as possible on the dowels, (1/4 in) baking them at 250 for 20ish minutes cutting them, and binding them with thin you think thread works better? I'm just wrapping the wire around a few times...and I will hot glue them to the clips where the wire is twisted...
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