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Default Re: Finally, the flip flop glue solution!

I also looked at your website, do you use a regular hot glue gun for these not the mini?
Originally Posted by thebuckleboutique View Post
I have a glue stick that I sell on my site that is AWSOME!!!!! It is all I use for my flip flops. I have sold at least 10,000 pair using this glue stick and never once had a return because of the ribbon moving coming off, etc.

Because I have to be certain that my shoes are top quality, I put to the test. I have taken my shoes with this glue into the ocean, pool, through the washing machine cycle, etc. and it stays. In order to get it off, we have to either pour alcohol or down wrinkle releaser on it and then yank really hard.

Also, always remember to roughen up the strap surface before you begin. That is essential when doing anything.

It's melting point is very high. This is very important if you are selling in Arizona in the summer. It gets so hot that the glue starts to melt on the shoes. The set time is very good for making shoes, 30-40 seconds. That is long enough to get the shoe wrapped, but not so long that you are precluded from moving forward to next step.

The link to that part of my website is It retails for $.70 per stick and wholesales for $.50 per stick. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks! Cathie
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