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Default Re: Finally, the flip flop glue solution!

This is the 1st glue that I absolutely cannot pry off. My husband thinks I am nuts, but with the other glues (including E600) I would try to pull off the ribbon as hard as I could. If the ribbon budged, then I was not satisfied. I figured if I could pry it off, then it wil lnot withstand kid use. So with the Shoe Goo, I cannot even get my fingers under the ribbon whatsoever. No I have not had the glue on long, but compared to everything else I have used, it does the trick.

As for the glue sticks..those sound awesome! I checked out your site though and they look like regular glue sticks? How are these different than the hot glue sticks I buy at Michheals? Thanks!!

Originally Posted by Mama2my3ks View Post
How long has the glue been on the flip flops? I would test those suckers out, and leave it on for a while before knowing for sure it is the one. I hope shoe goo is the answer to the flip flop problem....
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