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Default Re: you walk in to a high end consignment shop and.....

I would just like to be able to see everything honestly. That's the biggest problem with shops that are around where I live. They have so much stuff crammed in the racks you can hardly tell what's there. I don't care if it is high dollar brands, if I can't see it, it serves me no purpose.

Also, if you have any schools around there that require uniforms from specific places. It's wonderful to find those for resale. I don't mean schools that say any old khaki and polo in certain colors. I mean schools that require very specific logo'd and monogrammed uniforms. My 2 oldest daughters both have to have specific plaids and uniforms from only 2 places. It gets crazy expensive. Since I've found a couple pieces in one consignment shop, I've gone back there many many times just to see if there are more. I usually walk out with more than a uniform.
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