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Default Re: st got a woodburner and now I have ???'s

I use a piece of glass from a picture frame I got from the dollar store. On a piece of paper, I drew a line with measurements and then taped it to the glass. Seal the glass with tape all around to help reinforce it and prevent cutting yourself. I use the slanted edged tip myself (the chisel cut). As for your ribbon sticking to the glass after cutting and sealing, I have found that different ribbons although they say grosgrain are not equal. Some ribbons I have cut cleanly, others stick. I think that depends on actual ribbon materials used in production. I always keep an old rag like a handtowel I don't use anymore on hand. Wet the handtowel (don't drench it) Fold it and put it on a plate beside your cutting area. Now when you get residue on the tip, instead of smelling it burn and then leaving a black mark on your next piece of ribbon to be cut. You can then clean the tip by wiping it quickly on both sides. This helps to keep your tips cleaner equalling clean cut lines. I hope this helps.
~Meredith Casey
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