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Default Re: The Chrysanthemum Tutu Tutorial!

You can't take effexor if you are preg or nursing. AND clare you must be on a low dose because mine is $130 for a month supply. OUCH. Especially now that I have an HRA for ins and I have to pay $2000 out of pocket before they cover anything. BUT it really does help. If you can take the generic it's much cheaper but they don't do the extended release for the generic plus the generic made me sick (like wanting to throw up) everyday. Mr dr said that effexor is given to lots of bi-polar patient. I take it because it doesn't make me tired like most anti depressants and it seems to work the best.
I wasn't doing the crying for no reason thing, it was much worse then that. I'd get angry if you didn't do what I wanted and the smallest thing would set me off AND it didn't matter who you were I'd say or do whatever I wanted to you. I had an "episode" one day where I broke my bedroom door by kicking it and I broke some stuff plus hit my dh (I think I punched him in the stomach and he was trying to hold me off and I bit him on the face) I decided it's either go to the dr and do something different or get divorced... that was after I had already tried 3 other meds AND had already have a few times where I wanted to drive my car off a bridge or into a tree. I went to the dr and I'm a totally different person. Thankfully dh stuck by me and my craziness and now things are much better. I don't have sex drive, but I'm not set off for nothing and I'm not being nasty to total stangers for glancing in my direction when I didn't want them looking at me.
Anyway, I can't believe I'm going to post this, but emotion health is a SCARY SCARY thing and if you are feeling any of these things you should get help.
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