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Default Re: The Chrysanthemum Tutu Tutorial!

Originally Posted by tpj58 View Post
What is effexor? I get post pardum (Sp??) Terribly. I am having my 4th in 4 months and would love if I could find something to keep me from being crazy bawling new mom
my sister (a nurse) said it's in the same class as zoloft (what she takes) and i think she said they're SSRIs...i DO know that one of my oldest, dearest, "would still be in love with him if i hadn't eventually realized what a total loser he is", best friend Ben takes effexor...and he's TOTALLY bi-polar and i can't count how many times i've caught him mid-suicide attempt....but he takes LOTS of stuff and he's a drunk so it prolly doesn't help him the way it should....

i went on the effexor cause when i took dd to the grocery store the first time i couldn't get her baby seat to fit into the cart...i stood in the entry of the harris teeter bawling my eyes out until a couple ladies came and helped me (i had grabbed the wrong cart apparently) anyway....the next day my gp put me on the effexor....effexor? i barely knew her!
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