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Default Re: Korker bows??

Originally Posted by Bugbean17 View Post
My goal is 50 korkers a day lol atleast i find korkers are one of the easyer bows to make just a pain in the ass lol. I havent sold any yet cause i hate making them but people keep saying they are popular so i am going to give it a shot... Lol

WHAT????? 50 a day???? If you really get to do that you will be my heroe
I can only make like 6 a day the most LOL and after that I am out of business those little darn things consume all my energy ....cause I stress soo much making them. I really love how they look but I really hate making them although now that I am making them with yama ribbon I find it easier to sew them cause before I used local ribbon (I am out of the US) and it gets really stiff after baking so sewing them was really hard
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