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Default Re: The Chrysanthemum Tutu Tutorial!

Originally Posted by ClarasMommy View Post
i feel much better today...thanks guys...i woke up this morning and was like...oh crap i hope i didn't alienate all the hipgirls! the wine was just what i needed to cheer up...that and refilling the i went on it for the post partum and dd is now 2...but i think maybe i'll just stay on it forever cause it's not fun to stop taking it and then cry constantly for absolutely no good reason at least i'm doing my very first show in 2 weeks so hopefully i'll make some money there! oh have i shown you what i made the other night? i'm gonna have the girls next door to me wear these at the show
The dress is cute!! I hope you don't mind me saying... I would wrap the top in satin ribbon. The first one I made Ava way back when I didn't wrap and it was itchy on her skin since it is right there under their arm pits. The satin just makes it more comfortable. Where is the show? I could maybe come by. I know there was one at one of the schools near you I was invited to do but declined. I only do a couple since my farmer's market keeps me so busy. Glad you are feeling better.
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