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Default Re: How do you decide how much tulle you need?

First with the waist I would recommend taking a couple of inches off of that measurement because your elastic will usually stretch when you tie on the tulle. As for the length you can always trim it when you are done. It's better to be safe than sorry.

As for how much tulle you need if you are buying it by the roll I would recommend 2 rolls of each color. How much you need also depends on how many pieces of tulle you are going to tie on at a time. I usually use 2 pieces at a time and that makes it really full but you can get a pretty full tutu using 1 piece as well.

Once you have made a few and know how many pieces you use then you can calculate exactly how much you need. I hope this helped!!

Originally Posted by Blingmom View Post
What measurements do you ladies use to decide how much you need?

She is 19" around the waist, that's a snug fit, do I need to add an inch or 2? and I want the tutu to be approx 7" long, so I know I need to make it 14" long strips and add 2" for the taking up of the knot right? So the strip will be 16" long. Or should I just add 1"?

So how do I use those measurements to determine how much tulle I need? I'm going to use 2 colors.
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