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Default Re: My feelings are hurt---LOL!!!

Originally Posted by girlfrosting View Post
Personally if I had asked someone for an item they make and said "I love everything you make and just go with it", I would never say I didn't like it when they were finished. Even if I hated it. That's just rude in my opinion.

My friends sews diaper bags and they are adorable. I have liked almost every one I have seen except...she made me one when my baby was born and I didn't really care for it but I NEVER told her.

I can totally understand why your feelings would be hurt! She should have kept her mouth shut because she asked for ANYTHING!
I guess this is how I feel, too---more the principle of the thing. Since she gave me NOTHING to go on, I would have taken whatever with a smile on my face. That's just how I am, though.

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
Honestly, I don't like the combination. It's khaki and black, right? I don't think the animal print cap matches the rest of the ribbon and flip could be the lighting. They are well made though....
They're more brown and black...not really khaki...TERRIBLE lighting, I guess, since someone even thought they were grey.

I've pretty much shaken it off...I guess...well, no I haven't, I'm still pissed about it! But she did buy them today! I need to get over it...I need to convince myself to get over it!

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