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Default My feelings are hurt---LOL!!!

A friend of mine asked me to make her some flops. I did, and she LOVES them. So then she asks me to make her daughter some...any color...doesn't matter what I come up with---she's liked every set that I've done (her words). Well- I came up with these and thought they were cute, but when I took them to her, she (the mother, my friend) said she didn't like them. I didn't quite know what to say other than she didn't have to buy them. She took a pic and sent it to her daughter to see if she liked them...but before her daughter texted back, she asked me if she could just give me a color for me to do, etc. I told her "no"- that I wasn't going to make 5 pairs of flops that they might not like. It just came up and out before I realized what I said. By that time, my feelings were hurt and I had my arse on my shoulders and told her to just not worry about it (I was laughing and played it off---so I didn't really catch an attitude with her...although I was soooooo embarrassed by her saying in front of a couple of coworkers that she didn't like them.). Anyway- the daughter texted her that she liked them and wanted she's getting them afterall. Tell me the truth---do you think it's an ugly combination? I thought they were cute, and I would wear them.
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