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Default Re: Instruction sellers?

Originally Posted by Lynn* View Post
I sell instructions.

I find it totally fine if you don't buy my instructions, just look at my pictures and you figure it out by yourself. I am glad about that. I never care about that too much. I am even too lazy to watermark my photos LOL.

I will be very upset however if you look at my pics, and make something similar, then make instructions about how to do it and sell it as your own design or post it free :-)
LOL! I'd like to see some one try to look at your ribbon rose and make it. I'm the queen of "look at it and make it" and I looked at your ribbon rose for I swear almost a year and there was no figuring it out. Finally, I broke down and bought the instructions and I tell you, there was absolutely no way I was going to figure that out with your instructions....I love instructions like yours!
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