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Post Re: PLEASE help! how are these bows made!!!


I use stars and other shapes on some of my bows. I use the sizzix die cutter, if you'd like to get specific, it's the biggest sizzix they make. the dies vary on the size of shape vs. width of ribbon ratio. YR may use something else, just letting you know what I use. It is my understanding that others on this site who make cheer bows use a cookie cutter to trace and then cut the shape by hand.

Normally, one would have prepared the fabric by applying heat and bond prior to the cutting process. Once the shape is cut, then bond to your bow ribbon/fabric.

The hot fix rhinestones crown, letters, etc are available as pre-made from a couple websites. The other rhinestones were most likely applied using the hot fix method by hand. Side note: if the hipgirls members can puleeze post any websites with great hot fix/ribbon prices (and decent shipping costs) and pre-made rhinestone decorations or letters, that would be great! I had to wipe my computer last week and lost all my favorites!! I remember all the ones I use the most often, but not the rhinestone ones or the obscure fabric or ribbon sellers/wholesalers. Thanks so much!!!


PS So as to tread very carefully due to copywrite infringement and not upset anyone, Thank you to for the wonderful, artistic cheer bows pictured in the first post. You rock! your bows rock, too!

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