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Originally Posted by doodlebugs View Post
I hate to use someone elses bow pictures to ask this but does anyone know how to make this and can give simple instructions?[]=tags&includes[]=title
Hey there,

That's my clip you linked to. :-) I was wondering why I had so many hits on that one flower and then I thought, I bet those hipgirls are talking about it. Love you guys!

I actually don't fold my ribbon the way in the tutorial that someone here posted. I do it a bit differently and my way seems so much easier. I only charge $4 for these clips because they only take me about 5 minutes to make and don't require much ribbon. I don't have to glue them at all either, it's all in the way they're folded. I'll take a look around tomorrow and see if I can find the link that I used to figure out the fold. Once I got the hang of the fold, they became super easy. I do sew them together the same way as in the tutorial though. Like I fold one petal, put it on the threaded needle, then put on the next petal until all 5 are on the needle and then pull the thread through all at once and tie it super tight...and then put in a couple of stitches just to make sure it's secure. I use thick crochet thread too, I don't think it would stay very well with regular sewing thread.

Anyway, I'm glad I found you guys. I wish I had more time to post here like I used to...
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