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Default Re: magic tutu mafia...oh! i win!!

if etsy cancel the sale or whatever, I think they will take out the sale, so you can't leave afeedback and so does she. So leave feedback while you can before etsy cancel the sale.

News from the shop:

*~. The Magic Tutu™ Shoppe at Etsy is now closed. With an exciting new partnership and project underway, the designer's wildest line of haute baby couture is soon being featured in one of America's top magazines!!! Thanks so much to all for your support!! Will be in touch soon!.~*

Originally Posted by bitoffaithcreations View Post
Yep.. did a dispute and have now escalated it to a claim... She has until May 1 to respond to the claim. I bet I don't hear anything until then!!

I think I will just not leave the neg. feedback unless she gives my neg. feedback. I don't have an etsy shoppe yet, but plan to maybe make one, and I don't want a bad feedback to follow me around.

Wholesale Headbands, Rolled/Dainty Flowers, and Duchesse Flowers.

21 Satin colors and 20 Grosgrain colors. PM me for more details.

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