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Default Re: Need help... how to make Minnie Ear clips

Originally Posted by PaperDolls View Post
This makes alot of sense... I hadn't thought of it this way! Thank you!

This is great- very helpful, THANK YOU! This is the kind of ears I want to make... seperate ears that I can clip into her hair.

So both of you suggest actually attaching the clip to the bottom of the ear- stabilizing it inside the ear between the flaps of felt. That makes alot of sense... THANK YOU!!!

I couldn't get it out of my head to attach the clip to the back and was stuck in that thought process. This is very helpful. Now to get started...

Absolutely! My ears were VERY sturdy. They didn't flap around at all. The only thing they couldn't withstand was being chewed on by teething babies. LOL! Then again, I don't know of much that can withstand that.

So yes, I attached the BOTTOM of the ears to the clip but as close to the clip as possible otherwise they will flap around. The only felt that showed was on the inside of the clip because the rest was snuggled in between my 2 pieces of foam.

You are very welcome for the advice. Please post pics of those darling ears when you get a chance!
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