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Default Re: Need help... how to make Minnie Ear clips

Originally Posted by babybasics View Post
Could you double the felt and have the 2 pieces brace eachother in a sort of "A" shape? That way it has a kind of "foot" that you can glue to the clippie?
This makes alot of sense... I hadn't thought of it this way! Thank you!

Originally Posted by rramirez331 View Post
I recently made monkey ears for my dd's Curious George party. The ears were detachable and on alligator clips. Here's what I did to make them stand out.

I lined the clip w/ribbon. Then I hot glued a strip of felt to the inside of the clip so that, combined with the clip, looked like a cross.

Then, I brough the ends of the stip together and glued them together.

I used craft foam for my ears and sandwiched the felt in between my foam pieces.

Here's a picture of my finished product....

(The top headband is wrapped in ribbon and the clips are inserted between the layers of ribbon. The bottom headband had the ears attached the same way I attached them to the clips, except directly to the headband and no clips.) Hope this all makes sense. If not, I'll try to take pics of each step.
This is great- very helpful, THANK YOU! This is the kind of ears I want to make... seperate ears that I can clip into her hair.

So both of you suggest actually attaching the clip to the bottom of the ear- stabilizing it inside the ear between the flaps of felt. That makes alot of sense... THANK YOU!!!

I couldn't get it out of my head to attach the clip to the back and was stuck in that thought process. This is very helpful. Now to get started...

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