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Default Re: magic tutu mafia...oh! i win!!

WOW really?? I thought maybe she just freaked initially and would open her store up in a few weeks.. BUT to take her tutus out of a store. Since she had a copyright why didn't she just contact her attorney. Oh right because her copyright was BS. Doesn't Etsy have some rules about lying in your listings? Just askin'.
I do kind of feel sorry for her. Think of all the money she could've made had she been the one to made up the tut. Feeling sorry for her isn't going to make me not try to make the tutu.

Originally Posted by NYGalinSteerland View Post
So I had ordered one of her tutus from a third party, got charged and everything and even got a shipping notification but then guess what, the order was canceled. She called the company and had them remove all her tutus from their website and said she was out of the tutu business, which means no tutu for me. She even went into the story of this website and how people were trying to make them. The owner seemed very confused by the whole issue.
I say this sincerely, but magic tutu lady must have some issues. To stop making tutus because people are trying to copy her? To dissolve business relationships? all those actions make her look unprofessional.
Now how will her daughter be fed
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