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Default Re: magic tutu mafia...oh! i win!!

Originally Posted by bitoffaithcreations View Post
Yep.. did a dispute and have now escalated it to a claim... She has until May 1 to respond to the claim. I bet I don't hear anything until then!!

I think I will just not leave the neg. feedback unless she gives my neg. feedback. I don't have an etsy shoppe yet, but plan to maybe make one, and I don't want a bad feedback to follow me around.
Leave her negative feedback!! And besides, if you do open up shop on Etsy, the feedback will be for something you were BUYING, not something you MADE. And Besides, what is she going to say?!?! "This lady wanted to BUY my tutu! How dare her! Yes, Im Ms. Batshitcrazy of the year, and this shit is copyrighted and I wont share! No I wont!! Na na na boo boo!"
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