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Question Ethical/Friendship Question

Sorry mods, I wasn't sure which thread to post this question.

I've recently been thinking about selling pettiskirts, an added addition to my hairbow store. My dilemma is that my really good friend makes/sells tutus and I advertise her store on mine.

I just wanted to know if you ladies think it would inconsiderate and rude of me if I sell pettiskirts in my store, while still advertising her tutus? Would this come across as somewhat stealing her idea or even competing with her business? I just don't want to hurt her feelings unknowingly, you know? I guess I could ask her how she feels about this but I wanted to ask you ladies first just to get a feel first whether I'm inconsiderate or not.

Please be honest with me. I know I definetely do not want to come across as doing any of the mentioned above. I do not NEED to sell pettiskirts desperately enough to ruin a wonderful friendship, ykwim?

Thanks in advance!
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