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Default Re: Product Review-Resin Drops

I was one of the first ones to say that resin drops sucked. However, I will say two things on this subject. 1) I have not tried the drops specifically being discussed in this forum that were done on a recent GB and therefore can't specifically vouch for those as I haven't received them yet and 2) The resin drops that I have here were purchased from sunandmoon on etsy. With that being said I had originally said that I hated these drops. I did not know however that you need to take a soft cloth and press down hard on the drop in order to get it to stick and look nice. Once I did that I actually was quite impressed with how they turned out. My son came home from school and said to me that he needed a cap done by the next morning. I was like "oh great how is that going to get done". Well I thought to try the drops again with my new found knowledge of pressing on them very hard and I will say that I was very impressed. I took it to my son and said "here you go". He looked it over, felt it, turned it over and inspected it and said "how did you get it done". When I told him how I did it he immediately looked at it closely again and said "Wow mom your gangsta" LMAO that's teenager talk for you rock! My family helps me out with my bottle cap business and so they know good from bad as well as I do. I then took the cap to hubby and said "here you you, it's all done". His reaction was the same as my sons. He still did not know that I had used a "sticker" as he calls it. Once he found out he proceeded to take one of my caps and the one done with the drop to the window and look at it very closely. He comment was "babe these of course aren't as great as yours as nothing will compete with resin but I must say these are pretty darn good". As for them denting with the slightest touch, I will have to analyze that next. I hadn't thought to look at that. As for them peeling off the image, that was not a problem for me at all as I yanked and yanked on it to make sure it was secure before sending it off to a 15 years old boy. That was just my personal experience.
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